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Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Co. started as a small dairy store owned and run by the Dyer family from the small area of Whangaripo in New Zealand. Whangaripo is a small destination between Pakiri and Wellsford.

Whangaripo Valley is a stretch of green space, a truly scenic sublime of vistas wherever you look. The Dyer family had a small farm of their own so they opened up a small store for organic produce and dairy products.

The Dyer family’s homemade cheese was a delicacy for the community. Made entirely from buffalo milk. People would go to the store as early as 5 am just to get a piece of that cheese.

Daniel Dyer

Daniel Dyer, head of the Dyer household started it all. He taught his family how to make cheese and how to sell it to people. They opened the store back in 2007. In 2010, a local supermarket got a taste of their product and decided to sell it in his store.

Not long after that, the Dyer’s special buffalo cheese made it to Auckland. Dairy farms in Auckland heard about the Dyer product and wanted to know more about it. The Dyer family was invited all over the big city to demonstrate how to create their signature cheese.

Instead of hopping from one place to another, they decided to turn to the internet and created a YouTube channel instead. That’s where Daniel got the idea to launch an online magazine.

Magazine only for Cheese

It sounds crazy and it is, but there is a magazine dedicated to cheese here in New Zealand, The Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Co. Daniel, together with a team of writers started the online magazine to feature local dairy products to the entire country.

Homemade cheeses that were never heard of by many were introduced in the magazine. We are talking about the best of the best cheese products like Clevedon Valley Buffalo, Massimo’s Italian Cheeses, Puhoi Valley Cheese, and so much more.

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