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The Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Co. has an audience of more than 25,000 readers all over New Zealand and some parts of Australia. We are happy to say that our magazine is reaching new heights because of our readers and our integration into the online world.

We have been receiving a lot of requests from local producers and cheesemakers asking if we can feature their products in our magazine. To that, the answer is always yes.

Dairy in Kiwi Territory

New Zealand is one of the best nations when it comes to the production of dairy products like goat and sheep milk. Did you know that Anchor, the massive company known for its dairy products, was founded in New Zealand?

Anyway, dairy products in New Zealand are of high demand all over the globe. New Zealand exports millions of dairy products daily. But we’re not just talking about big companies and institutions.

We are also talking about local businesses able to position their products good enough to create demand overseas. We’ve helped many of our competitors achieve a higher target audience and we do it through strategic advertising and positioning.

Advertise with Us

Our creative team is at the ready to help you and your team introduce your product to the rest of New Zealand. We’ll make sure that we put the word out about your product and make sure it sticks there.

We achieve great results with our advertising campaigns mainly because of our online magazine and social media accounts.

We offer traditional and modern advertising. When we say traditional, we mean print media and mostly telemarketing. That is why we highly suggest that you consider modern advertising.

Modern Advertising with Us

If you think about it, our lives revolve around technology, i.e. smartphones and computers. Most of our marketing campaigns are done digitally with graphics, content, videos and illustrations.

Modern advertising through our online magazine and social media platforms is also a cost-effective choice for you. We analyse the parameters you want to cover and evaluate the target demographic you want to tackle.

The initial step with our advertising campaign is a short audience and competition research. We then start with the visualisation of your product and how we can translate everything to content.

With all of that taken care of, we get creative and that is when we ask for your input. You must have an objective in mind on why you want to advertise. There should always be an endgame for these projects.

If you are interested and hoping to discuss more, contact us today.


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