The Perfect Cheese Partners

Daniel Dyer

Some of us enjoy cheese on its own. Well, most of us enjoy cheese with a little snack. That’s how it has been for many years and how it should be for many more years to come. So, do you know what snack to pair your cheese with?

It does not matter what kind of cheese it is, with the right snack, you are sure to enjoy everything. So, without further ado, here are different snacks that would go perfectly with cheese products.

Postimage The Perfect CheesePartners Crackers - The Perfect Cheese Partners


Simple, a piece of cracker and a smear of cheese. They say that cheddar is perfect for crackers. Keep in mind that there are a lot of cracker variations to choose from. You can opt for flavoured crackers or whole-wheat crackers.

We highly suggest you go with whole-wheat crackers paired with mozzarella made with buffalo milk. Not only is it yummy but that combination is packed with nutrients. You’ll get a snack that’s filled with fibre and a lot of vitamins for your heart and bones.

Postimage The Perfect CheesePartners Apple - The Perfect Cheese Partners


You might find this one a little bit odd, but it works. A slice of apple would go great with some goat’s cheese. This is a healthy snack as well and is a good meal for breakfast, to serve as an appetizer, or simply as a midnight snack.

Red apple or green apple, whatever, just give it a try and you are sure to love it.

Postimage The Perfect CheesePartners Potatoes - The Perfect Cheese Partners


We are not talking about French fries with a dash of cheese powder. Have you ever tried a baked potato filled with melted cheese? Enjoy the light and fluffy potato partnered with the melting cheese.

This is not just a snack but a full-on meal. You can even add other ingredients such as vegetables and meat.

Postimage The Perfect CheesePartners Salad - The Perfect Cheese Partners


For most, parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano is the go-to cheese to combine with salad. But, have you ever tried gouda with a bunch of cruciferous vegetables? It is a vegan heaven packed with lots of flavour and nutrients. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Restaurants and households are creating their combination of salad and cheese. There have been some breakthroughs while other pairs didn’t work at all. This is your chance; you just might discover the best salad-cheese meal pair.

Postimage The Perfect CheesePartners Chili - The Perfect Cheese Partners


If you want to add something extra in your homemade chilli, a dash of grated cheddar or parmesan is perfect. Chilli is a heavy meal and is cooked with several spices. Make sure to get the right kind of cheese.

But, if you are really into it, cheese on its own is also a great snack. But, just make sure to not overdo it, because, it’s dairy.

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