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To thank all of our readers, partners and supporters, Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Co. is staging our first ever Cheese Convention here in Auckland and you are invited. If you want to know what you are in for, well, here’s the tip of the iceberg.

Cheese All You Want

We have invited more than 30 cheesemakers and dairy producers all over the country to give free samples of their best cheese products. If you then want more, we’ve also asked them to bring supplies they can sell.

You are about to see a haven of locally produced cheese products. We are expecting more businesses to contact us for their participation. We will also reveal our very own top 5 kinds of cheese here in New Zealand.

How to make cheese

This is mainly for little kids or even adults who are kids at heart. There will be live demonstrations on how to make cheese products. It’s going to be hours of dairy churning and cheese making galore.

We will also be showing you how we make our signature product, Buffalo Cheese. It is not just us by the way, there will be more cheese masters to show you the ropes.

Dairy Market Insights

We are inviting experts to shed light on the biggest developments in the production and trade of dairy products here in New Zealand.

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